About Us

Our journey began when two families, united by an extraordinary twist of fate and a shared love for exceptional coffee, came together to create something truly special. This miraculous story that brought us together is at the core of who we are, reminding us daily of the power of connection. (We invite you to watch our story below —but fair warning, you might want to grab some tissues first!)

Nestled in Ooltewah, Tennessee, amidst the rolling hills of the Southern Appalachians, White Oak Mountain Coffee Roasters is the result of our shared passion. We believe that every cup of coffee carries significance—from the small farms where we source our beans across the globe, to the moment it touches your lips and brightens your day. We're dedicated to supporting these hardworking farmers while bringing you the finest, ethically-sourced beans from around the world.

Our mission goes beyond roasting outstanding coffee. We're here to help you discover meaningful connections through the experiences our coffee inspires. Whether you're savoring a quiet moment alone or catching up with old friends , we hope our coffee becomes a part of your daily ritual.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of human connection, one perfectly roasted bean at a time.